Holy Smokes.

My name is Elvia and when I fly solo I fly so high.


Arctic Monkeys.


We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

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i dont understand ppl in relationships who are like ‘she/he’s my whole world’ like dont u got hobbies

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Underneath It All / No Doubt

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Blu & Exile - First Things First feat. Miguel Jontel (Below The Heavens, 2007)

I can’t even compete with these ballers trying to get at you
cuz I ain’t even got enough cheese to try to match dude
Nor do I got a flat to bring you back to
But I can roll up a blunt and try to relax you
Probably make you laugh when you mad in a bad mood
And ask a few questions ‘bout caressing your statue
Cuz no, I ain’t got corn rolls or hood tattoos
But, I can fuck up any track that I rap too
I know it’s irrelevant, but rap is my profession
and just cause I’m a gentleman, don’t mean I’m into settling

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